Sunday, March 20, 2016

In Which Chanel Diversifies: Holland & Holland

Chanel. Designer guns? Well actually yes. Chanel purchased the world's finest, most expensive gun house in 1996. The kind of rifles and shotguns that can and do come in at over 100,000.00. Sport guns, not evil hand guns. Collectors who (hopefully) will display these beauties (sans bullets) that are incredibly collectible, as are Samurai swords which one sincerely hopes are not played with but safely hung on a certain kind of wall. The company was founded by Harry Holland back in 1835. 

Not to fret. Holland & Holland is very much about fine gentlemen's and ladies fashion, classical, very English upper class and totally cool. Ready to wear jackets around 1600.00 and bespoke mens suits from 3000.00. Exciting to know that the foray into Chinese manufacturing (why does this happen???) failed and tailoring has returned to Great Britain, where it completely belongs. An example that Levi Strauss could emulate and should because national treasures are inspirational and we all need a good shot of pride.


  1. They were on Sunset Plaza drive as well, if I recall right....Then on to Rodeo drive ? I can't even think of it, still too hot here... Ralph Lauren 's early dream before his foray in outlet malls and chinese factories...

  2. I think you're right ... and there was a silver maker on Sunset Plaza too, exquisite hand work made right on the premises. When Holly Harp was in her beginnings. What a magical place.

    I love English romanticism and yes I think Ralph Lauren loved it too.

  3. Evil handguns? No bullets? (And I assume you meant to include shotgun shells along with the rifle cartridges. Bullets are part of the cartridges, just to get you up to speed on the facts.)

    Anyway, your bias is showing and it's rather sad that you are so out of touch with the real world.

  4. I hate all guns, but handguns are weapons that kill. I live in Venice Beach, if that's out of touch.