Monday, May 9, 2016

Dancing Not Fashion, Perhaps A Myth Or A Fairy Tale

Sometimes it's not about fashion, it's about dancing. Or fishing. Always music. Archetypes, fairy tales and myths that touch our collective unconscious before morphing, but have mattered. Reaching through the language of myth, afternoons curled up with a set of Joseph Campbell books and videos and a bit of time. 

We dress methodically, hunting for what we need and want, and some things we love. Sighing over the perfect Manolo Blahnik black faille shoe, the one with a rhinestone buckle, or a vintage evening bag that we changed from vintage then to somehow now by replacing a single chain with silk ribbons. There were clothes that our teachers and parents rolled their eyes at and that made the wearing better, I think. 

Greedy to see the pictures of Dorothy's glittering slippers, Audrey Hepburn's LBD from Breakfast at Tiffany, everything Elizabeth Taylor at Christie's auction. The wild innocence of a flapper with bobbed hair even as you knew she was naughty at a speakeasy, the harsh slash of lipstick and darken brows and shoulder pads that borrowed from Joan Crawford's imperious movie star image in the forties, the modern stay-at-home (ha!!) wife and mother of the fifties whose cinched waist and pastel house dresses were as cute as her daughter's poodle skirts and sweater sets. Hippies and elegance in the sixties, mini skirts and sheaths and little hats that segued to Halston's jerseys and caftans, false eyelashes and party nights while the pret-a-porter exploded in Paris, YSL and Le Smoking. Boys too ... spats to cowboy boots and Elvis.


  1. These were both a lovely break from today's desktop humdrum, thank you. It is such fun to gaze at the images flying by saying, "I wore that?!" about the more contemporary designs, as well as thinking "I wanted to wear that!" about those dated further back in the archives. (Although I also wear vintage, back to the 30s and 40s, I guess I have worn more eras than initially thought.)

    I liked the first video so very much, he is charming and she is just a delight, I am sending this one on to many other friends. :)

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  3. I loved the videos, but for some reason your words play even more vividly in my mind's screening room. Don't think I will ever stop being blown away by your haute words. Love reading you almost as much as being in your divine company. xo